SWA Ultimate Ebook Download Issue – Feb 2013

If you’re experiencing Page Not Found errors when trying to download some of the ebooks inside the SWA Ultimate online library, here’s why…

Some of the ebooks are stored in the SuccessX9.com website. The domain name (SuccessX9.com) expired last January 24, 2013 which means the website connected with that domain name is not reachable.

We asked the SWA Admin when they will renew the SuccessX9.com domain name so that we can download the ebooks saved in that webserver.

They told us to wait, because they are making some adjustments to improve the SWA Ultimate website. Their target is end of Feb 2013.

In the meantime, please try downloading the other ebooks.

Attention Team Manny Viloria members: If you need to download an ebook whose download link starts with SuccessX9.com, please let us know the Title of the ebook that you want and we will assist you.

And if you’re not yet part of Team Manny Viloria, please type your Name and Email address in the form on the right to find out more about the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate and our online training and development team.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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