Nasulot – How To Deal With It The Right Way

In Philippine network marketing, you’ll sometimes hear the word sulot or nasulot, which refers to what happens when the prospect you’ve helped in the past ended up joining someone else’s business. Here’s how to deal with Pinoy sulutan blues, whether this involves you, your peers, or your downlines…

First of all, try to resist the urge to cry: “Waaaaahhhhh! Nasulot ako!”

It’s quite unprofessional, and it gets you nowhere. Plus, you’ll look like some kid in kinder who lost an eraser.

Second, avoid taking screenshots which you think will prove that a prospect rightfully belongs to you, and then please do not post those screenshots online.

There’s a possiblity you might be wrong, plus you may end up publishing libelous statements about an alleged manunulot who might be innocent afterall.

And third, use the Nasulot Reversal Strategy, which is premium content revealed to you who are part of Team Manny Viloria.

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Nasulot Reversal Strategy: What To Do When Your Or Your Downlines Lose A Prospect
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