Phone Prospecting Tips

A lot of experienced and successful network marketing professionals are teaching that the phone is a powerful tool used to connect with your prospects. And that’s why we gave it a try…

First, the preparation…

1. We had to get the Names and Phone Numbers.
2. We had to know what to say first, after calling the Prospect.
3. We had to learn how to qualify the prospect, to see if that person will be a good addition to our Team.
4. Next comes the handling of objections or questions about the SWA Ultimate.
5. And then we learned how to move to the close, to help complete the sale.

Talking on the phone

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Then, we moved to actually doing it!

It was scary… but looking back, it actually was a lot of FUN!

Plus, we learned a lot. 🙂

And here are some insights we learned: Check out this Hands-On Phone Prospecting Tips, which is premium content revealed to you who are part of Team Manny Viloria.

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Thank you for reading and learning. Please go out and teach others. Share what you know. And then… EARN. 🙂

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