SWA Ultimate Marketing Strategy and Flyering

Is flyering a good marketing strategy for SWA Ultimate? Here’s the hard-hitting truth…

Handing out SWA Ultimate flyers in malls, buses, terminals, and other places with a lot of foot-traffic is not effective.

So why do some people even bother distributing such flyers in the first place?

1. They’re desperate. They still do it even if they themselves admit that it is not effective.
2. They have nothing else to do, and so are willing to waste their time.

Flyering is mindlessly tiring

But you’re different.

You’re intelligent, resourceful, and talented.

And that’s why we love working with people like YOU.

You are not easily intimidated by people who say:
Ma-pride ka lang, kaya ayaw mong mag-flyering.

Let’s be clear: Flyering can work for certain types of products.

Think about it…

Is an online-based product such as the SWA Online Library of eBooks a good product to promote in the offline world via flyering?

You know that you are a valuable person.

And you know how valuable your TIME is…

If you spent 1 hour today handing out flyers, when tomorrow comes that 1 hour spent flyering is gone. Forever.

But if you spent 1 hour today doing Blog Marketing, when tomorrow comes your blog post is still online.

In other words, you leveraged your TIME.

Your worked once, and the marketing benefits from that one blog post will continue flowing to you automatically day after day, week after week, month after month.

Flyering, on the other hand, is like isang kahig, isang tuka.

The uninformed are trading their time for centavos with desperate flyering. They got duped by uplines who taunt them with: “Ano, ma-pride ka ba?

For SWA Ultimate, we do NOT recommend distributing flyers on buses, in terminals, and in other places that just make you look so desperate.

Now if you truly insist on FLYERING, check out this Effective Flyering Tactics Guide, which is premium content revealed to you who are part of Team Manny Viloria.

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Thank you for reading and learning. Please go out and teach others. Share what you know. And then… EARN. 🙂

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