Manny Viloria SWA Ultimate Scam

People are asking Manny Viloria: “Scam ba ang SWA?” Here’s the latest update…

If the only thing you will do is post ads about SWA Ultimate and think that thousands of people will just whip out their wallets and buy the product so that you can earn your Supreme Wealth Alliance commissions, then THINK AGAIN.

That’s not how online marketing works.

Here’s how marketing on the internet works:

1. Share information. Teach others through your blog.
2. Build your audience of fans and supporters.
3. Recommend products and services.
4. Earn the commission.

Oftentimes, new marketers jump to Step 3.

They post ads, photo-tag or photo-spam people in Facebook, and do a lot of automated online recommendations.

The thing is, they haven’t helped others yet.

You, on the other hand, are different.

What can I teach others?

Please review your own life and your past experiences.

Reading some of the ebooks inside the SWA Ultimate Online Library will help give you ideas.

For example, let me share with you my story…

I was browsing through some of the Self-Development and Motivation ebooks inside the SWA Library, so during that time my mind was filled with topics on the Law of Attraction and Prosperity.

And that’s why, when I visited National Book Store, I found myself looking at the books in the Self-Development section.

There I found the Prosperity Bible, and in that physical book I learned about The Game of Life.

I read that inspiring book, and searched for the ebook version. This helped me publish the blog post called The Game of Life Ebook (TGOL).

Please note that TGOL ebook is not inside the SWA Library. Yet the other ebooks in that online library helped me stumble upon The Game of Life.

IMPORTANT: Knowing about TGOL has moved me to help others by inspiring them to reconsider their thoughts and change their mindset and attitudes.

Do you see the pattern now? Help Others First.

And one of the best ways to help others online is by publishing useful or entertaining articles on the web, right there on your own blog.

And that’s what you will promote in your Facebook wall: Your latest blog posts.

By doing this, you will attract readers. Some of them will become your fans and supporters. And some of those supporters will help you in your online projects.

So if you want to succeed online, remember this: Build Your Name First, then your business second.

Go forth and BLOG! 🙂

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