SWA Ultimate Promo for May to June 2013

People are asking about the Tablet promo of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program of Francis Chaves for the period May 1, 2013 until June 30, 2013.

Here are the basic guidelines…

1. Self-referrals and immediate family member referrals will not be counted.

(If you refer yourself 7 times, that means you’ll spend 7 x P2,500 or P17,500. Your commissions will be around P3,320 to P9,545 which means your net cash out will be P7,955 to P14,180. So why self-refer, right?)

2. The counting period runs from May 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

3. When you directly refer 7 customers, Francis Chaves will give you a 7-inch Quad Core Android Tablet at the end of the promo period.

4. If those 7 direct referrals of yours each refer 7 direct customers (again, no self-referrals and no immediate family member referrals), Francis Chaves will give you a 32 GB iPad Mini after the promo period.

5. We awaiting clarification from Francis Chaves if you can be awarded only one tablet for this promo of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program.

ATTENTION: Team Manny Viloria Members…

Please do not HYPE people. Do not say “Your P2,500 can turn into an Android tablet or iPad Mini!” because that statement is misleading.

SWA Computations:

If you directly refer 7 people, you will earn $150 in SWA Commissions. If each of those 7 people also directly refer 7 people, you will earn an additional $420.

Total SWA Commission = $570
[Assuming you directly refer 7 and each of those 7 customers directly refer 7 people also.]

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For Team Manny Viloria Members:
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