SWA Ultimate FB Wall Marketing Schedule

Are you using Facebook marketing when promoting your SWA Ultimate online business? Don’t paste only SWA ads in your FB wall. That is extremely BORING! Instead, try this FB wall posting cycle…

1. Personal story/kuwento/status
2. Joke/Quote
3. YouTube Video
4. Kwentong Photo/Quote
5. SWA Video or SWA Ad
6. Shout out to other FB friends
7. Kwentong Video

For those who are part of Team Manny Viloria, please check our FB Group for tips on the most effective time to make a certain kind of post in your Facebook wall. 🙂

(Opo… may SCIENTIFIC BASIS po yung FB wall timing tip na yan…)

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Remember, Invest In Yourself Before Others Will Invest In You!

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria


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