SWA Ultimate Price Promos

Why are some people offering huge discounts on SWA Ultimate membership offers? Well, we got confirmation from Coach Kiko Javier that there’s no official SWA Corporation policy yet regarding cash discounts. That’s why some people freely sell SWA at any price.

So, what are YOU, the professional networker, going to do about it? You will use the VALUE Strategy…

Some people will call cash rebates, price reductions, or discounts as:

  • Time-Limited Promos
  • Tulong sa mga deserving
  • Birthday Promos, Binyag Promos, Grumadweyt ang Anak Ko Promos…

But the bottomline is: Discounting the price of SWA Ultimate damages the product.

That’s why other networking companies have a One Price Policy, where distributors are not allowed to sell their product below the suggested retail price.

Now since there is no SWA Corporation Policy (as of this writing) prohibiting the giving of price discounts, SWA members are theoretically allowed to sell SWA at any price.

In theory, you can duplicate the discounted offers made by others.

But you’re better than that.

You are not content with working only with people who are just interested in getting a discount.

(Can you imagine what will happen, if P25 million Jollibee franchises are suddenly sold to other people for only P15 million… “para lang matulungan yung deserving na negosyanteng yun”?)

You want to work with people who are interested in getting VALUE for their money.

So cheer up! 🙂

You do not need to attract ALL customers.

Go forth and attract people who value training, prioritize skills development, and believe in serving others.

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SWA Ultimate - Give Value - Manny Viloria

When you discount the price of SWA, you are also devaluing yourself. It’s like you’re admitting that the SWA Ultimate package you are offering is not really worth the P2,500 price tag.

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