There are various ways to join the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate and gain access to the Supreme Wealth Library of ebooks, audios, videos, and script files.

Hello, Pinoy Networkers excited to become part of Team Manny Viloria!

NOTE: Please make sure you have already read and understood the following:

1. SWA Ultimate and Team Manny Viloria

2. SWA Ultimate Philippines Inc – Terms and Conditions – Policies

IMPORTANT: If your main reason for wanting to buy access to the SWA Ultimate online library of ebooks is that you love reading ebooks, then go ahead. But if your main reason is that you like the SWA Pay Plan System and that you’re hoping to make money online by earning SWA Ultimate Commissions, then please be informed that we’ve seen how some SWA Payouts can take longer than 60 days.

NOTE: The SWAPI Policies document shows that it may take anywhere from fifteen (15) to ninety (90) working days for SWAPI to fulfill SWA Ultimate Payout Requests.

Step 1: Send your payment of P2,500 by depositing in Banco De Oro

To join SWA Ultimate via Banco De Oro (BDO) Bank Deposit, you first have to deposit P2,500 to this BDO account:

NOTE: Once your SWA Ultimate account is activated, Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) will not honor any refund request.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Francis Chaves will be moving forward with a new corporation – Supreme Wealth Alliance Unlimited Corporation. Therefore, we do not know how long the SWAPI bank account below will remain valid.

Account Type: Peso Savings
Account number: 00-5320-2036-92
Account Name: Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc.

Step 2: Send the following information to

  • Scanned image of your BDO Bank Deposit Slip
  • (You may also send a clear photographed image of your BDO bank deposit slip)

  • Location of the BDO Bank Branch where you made the deposit
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Preferred SWA Username – We suggest firstnamelastname (Ex. juandelacruz)
  • The SWA username of your SWA Referror or SWA Upline (it’s in your SWA-Pinoy email)

NOTE: We will help you register your SWA Account online. This will help ensure that you will be properly placed in Team Manny Viloria, so that you can get the Online Marketing training inside our private group in Facebook.

It will take the SWA Admin up to 7 business days (weekends and holidays not included) to activate your SWA Account if you’re sending payment from within the Philippines.

If you’re remitting payment from outside the Philippines, please give the SWA Admin up to 10 banking days to activate your SWA Account from the day it is registered online.

Once your SWA Account is activated, you can login at your main SWA website and download your ebooks.


Western Union Remittance (Multi-Currency)

UPDATE: We may no longer pay for the SWA ebook library via Western Union.

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