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Patrick Gino — “Mobile phone and other gadget tutorials for newbies.”

Jaime Parmis — “My name is James Parmis. I am an Accountant by profession, an OFW in Qatar. I am also an internet entrepreneur on a part-time basis. I love to help people sharing them all valuable information on how to make money on the internet. I’ved been on this internet business since 2007. I learned a lot and I help many people around the world.”

Willy Gagarin — “Aside from being an employee, I am also an entrepreneur. I partnered with a multinational/ global business distributing high quality European products at a very affordable prices.”

RB Bautista – Practical Ideas for Daily Living With RB — “RB Bautista is a Chemist who also took up BS Nursing. But don’t think that she’s some kind of serious bookworm. On the contrary, her blog articles will make you realize that she writes the way she speaks.”

Jonathan JOCAPS Capilo – Lumang Singko — “Jonathan Capilo is a Filipino in Singapore who every now and then shares his bursts of creativity on his blog.”

Shareen Sameen — “I like the way Sharry Shameen brings close to the Filipino people topics such as outsourcing or virtual assistants, as well as private label rights.”

Ron Lacson – Journey to Liberty — “Ronaldo Lacson is a Filipino engineer now working and living in Hong Kong, who also blogs and shares his stories about their journey towards financial freedom.”

Jay Tan — “My baptism in the arena of financial literacy so to speak started sometime 4th quarter of 2011, when I got hold a book entitled 8 Secrets of Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez.”

Rowena Yap — “Rowena Yap is back in the Philippines from Dubai, and is now sharing her inspiring stories in her blog. Let’s have a quick look at when “Rain” or “Weng” has to offer the internet…”

Irwin Gosiengfiao – Steering to a New Path — “Irwin Gosiengfiao works in the hotel section of a luxury passenger ship named Star Aquarius of Star Cruises. His life, like a journey, has had interesting twists and turns…”

Junji Valencia — “Junji Valencia is a Pinoy networker who is quite comfortable with computers. Plus, he even loves to write! That’s an amazing combination…”

Nilo Sarmiento — “Musical Play Philippines (MPP) is a catalyst in promoting the local and foreign artists, groups, shows, musical plays, theater events, musical events, festivals, concerts, conferences, gigs, exhibits, workshops, culture, arts, etc. in the Philippines.”

Bong Oribiana — “I’m in the sales & marketing profession who graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. After my day job, I usually spend time in church activities and bonding moments with my kids. Recently, I started a partnership with a group of Internet Marketing experts on helping people earn extra income part-time online.”

Nene Manatad — “As a person i am a loner type of person, i don’t like big crowds so i just stay with same circle of friends all the time. I am a network marketer and presently connected to SUPREME WEALTH ALLIANCE ULTIMATE.”

Yvonne Tuguinay — “Hi! I am Yvonne Tuguinay. I am from Baguio City, Philippines. As a nurse by profession, I am currently working in Jordan as a staff nurse in the Medical-Surgical Ward. It’s been two years already the first time I came here and one more year to wait; then Alas! I can go back home.”

Gian Maglasang — “Hi, I’m Gian “Caloy” Maglasang, I’m a videographer, and a VFX editor, I love action movies specifically martial arts movies! I also love 3D animated films from just about anywhere. I’m aspiring to relive the action movies here in the Philippines through new methods of movements like tricking and… yeah, tricking just about does it. but seriously guys it’s just so cool!”

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