SWA Ultimate Should Automate

SWA Ultimate should automate if it ever hopes to catch up on the backlog of Payout Request Fulfillment. If, for example, there are 500 payout requests each day, but the SWA Ultimate finance group can physically send out only 300 SWA commission payments (e.g., via LBC) per day, then in just two weeks, they’ll have a backlog of 2,800 unpaid payout requests. No wonder some SWA leaders have posted in Facebook that they’re working so hard (“working their *** off”) to fulfill all those payout requests.

Clearly, SWA Ultimate should automate. Here are some reasons why they don’t appear to have automated after all this time…

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Are SWA Ultimate and Ignition Marketing The Same?

No, SWA Ultimate and Ignition Marketing are not the same. And neither do they belong to one and the same company.

There are two different companies: Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines, Inc (SWAPI) and the Ignition Marketing Co. (which is a Partnership and not a Corporation such as SWAPI).

There are other differences also. Read on…

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Ignition Marketing Review

Here’s a review of Ignition Marketing, the latest online marketing training program launched by Eduard Reformina, Binsoy Basilio, and Mau Magallanes, three of the Top Pinoy Internet Marketing Experts in the world.

Is Ignition Marketing Co. a scam? Is it for real? Here’s the behind the scenes look brought to you by an actual customer of IM.

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