Coach Kiko Javier Resigns from SWA Ultimate

In the July 28, 2014 official SWA Ultimate Newsletter, we first found out that Francis Hermes Sison Javier (aka Coach Kiko Javier) resigned from Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation (SWAC) and Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc. (SWAPI) due to personal reasons and to pursue his t-shirt business.

In the interest of disclosure and transparency, you should be aware that Coach Kiko was SWA Founding Member 001.

This means that every SWA member was by default a downline of Coach Kiko Javier.

(I joined SWA in April 2012 after watching a video of Coach Kiko Javier and after communicating with him.)

Coach Kiko was also considered the right hand man of Francis Chaves. Kanang kamay ni FC si “Tatay” Kiko.

Does this now mean that people whose direct SWA Upline used to be Coach Kiko now have Francis Chaves as their direct upline?

We’re still awaiting the response from the SWA Admins regarding that.

Coach Kiko resigned effective July 2, 2014 and some people are wondering why anyone in the 001 position would resign.

After all, even if he does not do anything, he will benefit from the marketing efforts of all his downlines. Each time someone cycles, that person will re-appear in a new slot in the SWA matrix. And eventually, Coach Kiko’s matrix will be filled with re-appearing SWA members which will help Coach Kiko earn cycle commissions from SWA.

Why is Coach Kiko forfeiting this type of passive income?

We don’t know. Perhaps he will say something about this in the future, but that’s just a guess.

In the meantime, we are connecting with people who are interested in the SWA ebooks and in development. For more info about this, please see

To Coach Kiko, thank you for inspiring us over the past 2 years. We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Kind regards,
Manny Viloria
Your Fellow Regular SWA Customer