Are SWA Ultimate Members Spammers?

Question: “Are SWA Members spammers?”

Answer of Manny M. Viloria: “No… but I’ve seen at least three SWA Leaders who published that they love spamming. Probably because Spam Marketing has helped them be where they are right now.”


Question: “Do you condemn spamming?”

Answer: “I do NOT recommend spamming, because Facebook does not like it.”

Question: “Will spamming help me make lots of money?”

Answer: “Spamming has helped some people make money. Spamming has also helped others make no money at all. It’s a tool, and the results vary.”

Question: “What can you say about about those who are proud of, or who love spamming?”

Answer: “I’m amazed that some SWA Leaders are willing to publish such I-Love-Spamming statements online, especially since the SWA Ultimate Policy has Section 9.08, which is against Spamming.”

SWA Ultimate Payouts Delayed

If you’re interested in the SWA Ultimate pay plan, you need to know that some SWA payouts have been delayed. While the promise made by Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc (SWAPI) is fulfillment/payment of payout requests in 10 to 15 banking days, there have been cases where 30 calendar days have passed and the payout has not yet been paid.

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